1/4 Lever Ratchet

The Built-In Ratchet is the quickest way to secure your boat cover, without giving up any of the advantages of a standard ratchet. This Built-In version of our 1/4" rope ratchet has an added lever, which allows it to be ratcheted. This allows the Built-In Ratchet to handle heavier loads, and secure tighter.

  • Works with 1/4" rope

  • 4 convenient ways of tensioning the rope: pull the loose end of the rope like the Original Tie-Down series, using a socket wrench in the socket drive on either side of the hub, or using the built-in ratchet handle feature.

  • Easy Release thumb tab on ratchet handle

  • Working load limit of 225 lbs

Ratchet .25 builtin 2 PNG
Lever RatchetRevA PNG
Buillt-In Ratchet 3 PNG
Ratchet Lever Style Top View
1_4 lever ratchet in use
14 Ratchet Side View PNG
Ratchet Back View PNG
14 Trigger Photo PNG

Our quick-tie down 1/4" ratchet fits all 1/4” rope. It is compact, easy to use, and virtually unbreakable. To use, just tug on the rope until it is tight, and tie off the remaining rope. To release, pull on the rope the same as when tightening it and release the trigger lock. This is the quickest and easiest way to tie down your cover. These ratchets are made specifically for outdoor marine use.

  • Works with 1/4" Rope

  • Quick release thumb trigger

  • Working load limit of 150 lbs. / 225lbs. break strength

  • Rubber dipped hook to help prevent corrosion

1/4 Standard Tie Down Ratchet