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BV Shrink Side View 1 no background PNG
Cutters and Body PNG
Cutters PNG
BV Shrink Top and Body
Boat Shrink Wrapped
Vent Close up on boat
Open Vent 1 PNG
Punch Vent through Shrink 2 PNG
Remove adhesive and install 3 PNG

The Boat Vent Shrink

The Boat Vent Shrink is the newest line up from Vico Marine. This vent is the fastest shrink wrap vent on the market. Designed with sharp teeth to help pierce the plastic, simply push down and twist. The body comes with weather resistant adhesive to last through heavy rain and winter.


  • New Two-Sided, Sharper Self piercing teeth 

  • Pre-installed adhesive to stick directly on shrink wrap cover

  • Easy to use 2 piece design.

  • Vent can be reused with new gasket material.

3 Easy Steps

1. Pop the top of the vent off to expose the self-piercing / cutting teeth.


2. Push the teeth into the shrink wrap and twist

3. Remove wax paper to expose adhesive. Then install vent by pressing firmly on the shrink wrap


Open Vent 1 PNG
Shrink install 1 into Boat
Shrink install 2 into Boat
Shrink install 3 into Boat
Shrink install 4 into Boat
Shrink install 5 into Boat
Vent Close up on boat

Boat Vent Shrink In Action 

What Boat Vent Shrink Means to Shrink Wrappers

In today's competitive market Vico Marine prides it's company on innovative ideas to help create value & much need revenue for our dealers. Mildew & moisture build up can create costly damage to not only your customer's boats, but also to your bottom line & reputation. Giving them the value-added option to install vents into your shrink wrap covers is a perfect up sell to help create revenue & keep your customer happy by protecting their prized boat for years to come! 

Contact us today to prove how quick & easy it is to install our vent. 

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