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BV4 sm Top View
Boat Vent 4 sew
BV4 Installed
BV4 Side PNG
Close up Lead Insert Area
BV4 Top and Bottom 2
BV4 Top and Bottom
BV4 sm side View

Boat Vent 3

BV3 030717
Side View 030617
Washer 030617
BV Washer 030617
Cover with BV3 Zoom in
Boat Vent 3 Cropped Blurred Pocket Removed_edited
BV3-White w blk washer

Boat Vent 3 is an unique improvement over the Boat Vent II's venting, which made its name in the marine industry over the last two decades ago. The BV3 provides rougly 40% more venting while still tenting your boat cover, preventing mildew and mold. Molded from the highest UV inhibited plastic on the planet, it can be installed to virtually any boat cover. Its overhanging top allows in less moisture while 30 teeth on the washer provides a firm, secure grip for your cover.

  • No reinforcement piece needed

  • Installs in less than 15 seconds

  • Improved venting and grip

  • Center Seam Option (CS not available in retail)

  • Easiest, fastest way to vent & tent your boat cover

  • Protects against snow loads or heavy rain vs. sew in vents (will not allow pole to rip or tear cover

  • Only quick change, replaceable vent in the market

  • Size - 4.75" W x 4.75" D x 2.00" T

  • Available Colors:

Aero small Front View One piece
Aero Small Top View One piece
Aero Small Bottom View One piece
Aero small Side showing sew in lip One p
Aero White Top View
Aero White UnderSide PNG
Aero White Front PNG
Aero White Side View JPEG

Boat Vent AERO SM is Vico Marine's first sew-in vent. Great to use where tenting with the Boat Vent 2 or 3 may not be an option (i.e. cock pit cover). The louver front can be used to help prevent bees or rodents from entering the cover or just extra protection from heavy rain. For maximum venting or use with the traditional cone look, you can also install without the front. 

  • Available in soft rubber or harder HDPE 

  • White or Black options

  • Size W/O louver - 5.00" L x 5.125" W x 1.50" T

  • Size With louver - 7.50" L x 5.125" W x 1.50" T

  • Available Colors: 

BV Aero LG Front
Aero LG Side 1
Aero Front Top
Aero LG Front
BV Aero LG Side
Aero LG Under side
Aero LG Back

Boat Vent AERO (large) 

Vico Marine developed this sew in Vent with sail boats & large covers in mind! Great to use where tenting with the Boat Vent 2 or 3 may not be an option (i.e. cock pit cover, sail boat, heavy angles etc..). The one piece, louvered front, makes this vent durable and easy to install. Available in soft rubber, the vent will not mar or damage the finish on many of the higher end wood boats or gel coats. 

  • Available in soft rubber 

  • White or Black options

  • Size - 10.75" L x 7.75" W x 2.00" T

  • Available Colors: 

Boat Vent 2

Protect your investment with our fast and easy to install BoatVent II. The BoatVent II can be added to any custom or semi custom marine cover. Made with the latest UV inhibited polymers you can be sure it will withstand the elements. This remarkable devise prolongs the life of your boats upholstery by venting the enclosed space of the warm, moist air. BoatVent II helps prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing under your cover, and causing irreversible damage to your boat's interior. When combined with our cam-lock support pole the added support of proper tenting will shed rain or snow, prohibiting pools and stagnant water from destroying your cover. With millions sold this combination has become the standard for preventive care in the industry, and is a must for all boat owners.


  • Standard in the boat cover industry

  • Easy to install (dealer & retail recommend

  • Easiest way to vent & tent your boat cover

  • Protects against snow loads or heavy rain vs. sew in vents (will not allow pole to rip or tear cover

  • Fast, easy fix for broken snaps or grommets

  • Center Seam Option

  • Size - 4.5"W x 4.5" D x 2.5" T

  • Available Colors:

Boat Vent AERO (small) 

BV2 side 3rd gen PNG
BV2 top PNG
MVC-002F blue
BV2 00812599020006 UPC-A SST1

UPC 00812599020006

The Boat Vent 4. Made from durable soft material, the vent is soft enough for sewing, but tough enough for the outdoor elements your boat cover will go through. For those who require a sew in style vent, this is your number one choice. Key features include screw-in style lead-in, removable top umbrella for easy access, and improved venting.

  • Twist & hold design for fast and easy sewing

  • Easy to remove top creates more efficient work area

  • Low profile design

  • Strong soft material with UV inhibitor

  • Matte Finish 

  • Inside hole fits 3/4” tube or Spline tip for improved fit

  • Can be installed with our without reinforcement piece

  • size - 5" W x 5" D x 1.25" T

  • Available Colors:

Boat Vent 4 Sewable

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