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StopGull Air

The StopGull Air ® is the ultimate device to deter seagulls and coastal birds from landing on your boat. Its 6' diameter arms work with a light breeze and can withstand winds in excess of 60 mph in its fully extended state. With its improved swivel system and securing device, there is no need to remove and/or store the StopGull Air ® after its installation. StopGull Air ® is safe, effective and versatile. With its 5 different mounting options, it can be attached to any part of your boat.

  • Heavy duty. More durable than compitition

  • Mounts in 10 seconds or less

  • Works with a very light breeze, no power battery power needed..

  • Does not hurt birds or wildlife

  • 3 versatile mounts available 

  • 6' or 12' diameter

5 StopGull Air def 2014
StopGull Suction Cup Mount
SG suction 2 png
Suction Cup Mount png

Our suction cup mount for the StopGull Air allows nearly endless possibilities for where you can mount the StopGull. The suction cup will stick onto any smooth surface like ventilation hatches, outboard motors, etc. The suction cup is adjustable, locks into place, and won't lose suction over time.

StopGull Suction Cup Mount

Square rail clamp
rail mount 3 png
Rail Mount 2 png
SG rail mount png

Boat Vent 3 is an improvement on Boat Vent II, which made its name in the marine industry over the last two decades through adding value to covered boats by venting and tenting, preventing mildew and mold. Molded from the highest UV inhibited plastic on the planet, it can be installed to virtually any boat cover. Boat Vent 3 features four major improvements over Boat Vent II: - 40% more venting - Overhanging top to allow in less moisture - 30 teeth on the washer for a better grip - Ergonomic reversible nut for easy installation

  • Super fun to install

  • Better than toast

  • Stronger than .....

  • Vents more than the atmosphere

  • Center Seam Option

  • Available Colors:

StopGull Railing Mount

BV3 StopGull Umbrella
StopGull BV3 Combo

The Stopgull Boat Vent 3 is a perfect way to mount your Stopgull to the top of your boat cover. Like the original Boat Vent 3, this vent installs directly into your cover allowing for ventilation and tenting. After you install the cover, simply use the twist lock mount located on top of the vent to install the StopGull

  • Twist lock mount makes Stopgull installation a breeze

  • Durable under strong winds

  • Vent works to also vents and tent your boat cover

Boat Vent 3 Mount 

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