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Party Pad Floating Mat

Party Pad 2
9 People
Party Pad 4
Group Shot
Party Pad 3
1000 x 1000
Party Pad 5

The Party Pad is the perfect lake accessory for playing or relaxing in the water. The Party Pad is great for all ages. Kids love to play games on this safe and reliable float, while adults can relax in a sun. The Party Pad can function as an extension to your boat, or be a raft in the lake. It’s easy to roll up and store, and it requires virtually zero maintenance.

Retail Options

Party Pad 4
Blue rolled up
Hook & Connection
Party Pad rolled up
No Northstar
Party Pad 1
Close Up


•    Blue & Yellow

•    Red & Yellow

•    Red & Blue

•    Other special order options available

Packaging & Shipping

•    All orders are sent out in 8 mil heavy duty, clear poly bags. 

•    Shipping options vary on location: Local delivery, local carrier, and pallet orders are standard options (4 per pallet). We recommend checking each pad over for marks, scratches, or punctures. MAKE SURE TO document any damage from shipping.


•    6' Wide x 18' Long
•    1.5” thick (4 Ply construction)



•  Durable Foam will Hold Up under Normal Conditions 

     *(i.e jumping onto from pier or boat may cause damage) 
•   Soft Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam


Mounting & Hardware

•    6 mounting points are installed around all four corners plus 2 in the middle for easy mounting to any boat, pier, dock, or raft. 
•    Mounts are durable rounded plastic to avoid pinching the foam or causing injury - play-time-safe
•    Mounting hardware includes 10' bungee cord 
•    1 Carbiner safety hook 
•    1 Tie Down 1 ratchet

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